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High-speed diode. Product specication. BAS16. FEATURES. Small plastic SMD package High switching speed: max.DESCRIPTION anode not connected cathode. APPLICATIONS. High-speed switching in hybrid thick and thin-film circuits. High-speed switching diode. Features. 1. High reliability 2. High forward current capability.High speed switch and general purpose use in computer and industrial applications. Construction. Ultrafast recovery rectifiers are nowadays playing a key role for high frequency applications where a fast and rugged switching performance is required.In order to reduce overall losses in the circuit and to prevent any failure mechanisms that might occur during the diode switching transients the Philips Semiconductors. High-speed double diode. Product specication. BAV70.The BAV70 consists of two high-speed switching diodes with common cathodes, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the small SOT23 plastic SMD package. A high speed switching diodes are a single p-n diode in a discrete package provides the same functionality as a switch. It has high resistance below the specified applied voltage similar to an open switch High Speed Switching Diode.

FEATURES. z Ultra small plastic SMD package. High-speed diodes. Product specication. PMLL4148 PMLL4446 PMLL4448. FEATURES. Small hermetically sealed glass SMD package. High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage HSK120 - Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode For High Speed Switching.120.

92Кб 2 стр. HN2D02FU - Diode (ultra High Speed Switching Applications). полупроводниковые приборы. EN. switching diode. DE.A novel isolated zero-voltage-transition boost converter with coupled inductors is proposed in this project to satisfy the high power, high step-up and isolated requirements. Microwave Si chip high-speed switching diodes with p-i-n structure are designed to operate in switching devices, phase shifters, modulators, attenuators in frequency range 0.140 GHz. Diodes included in HIC, microcircuits Silicon Switching Diode For high-speed switching applications Series pair configuration.Diode reverse voltage Peak reverse voltage Forward current Non-repetitive peak surge forward current t 1 s. Vr VRM if ifsm. High speed switching diodes. FEATURES. z Small Surface Mounting Type: SOD-323. www.semiconductor-sanyo.com/network. Diffused Junction Silicon Diode. Low VF High-Speed Switching Diode. Html Pages. 1 2 3. FEATURES : High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage:max.Case: DO-35 Glass Case Weight: approx. 0.13g. High speed switching diode. BAV23S,215. SOT-2313 Dual high-voltage switching diode dual series. Nexperia. 0.SOT-32313 High-speed switching diode. This device is intended for highspeed switching in hybrid thickfilm circuits. 1250 mV 1 A 50 A. Diode Capacitance. Cd VR 0, f 1MHz. 2 pF. Reverse Recovery Time (When switched from IF 30mA to IR 30mA. High Speed Switching Diodes. . Features Small Package. RoHS Compliant Product A suffix of "-C" specifies halogen lead-free.Dimensions in millimeters. Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics, Single Diode TA25 oC. Parameter. Symbol. High speed switching diode. High voltage diode. Surface mount diode. High-speed diodes. 13 companies | 19 products.The total capacitive charge (Qc) is small, reducing switching loss, enabling high-speed switching operation. In addition, unlike Si-based fast recovery diodes where the trr increases FEATURES. High-speed switching. This diode is also available in MiniMELF case With the type designation LL4148. The switching diode is designed for high speed switching applications. This device is housed in a SOD-123 surface mount package which is ideal for automated insertion. Отличительные черты. zApplication Ultra high speed switching. zFeatures 1) Small surface mounting type. (SSD3) 2) High speed. (trr1.5ns Typ.)Diodes. 10 VR6V. 9 8 7 6 5 4. Leshan radio company, ltd. High-Speed Switching Diode.Notes: 3. t p » t rr. Figure 1. Recovery Time Equivalent Test Circuit. I F , FORWARD CURRENT (mA) C D , DIODE CAPACITANCE (pF). high reliability. Pb free version and RoHS compliant Green compound (Halogen free) with suffix "G" on. packing code and prefix "G" on date code.Small Signal Diode Rating and Sharacteristic Curves. Without the protection of the freewheel diode high di/dt currents would occur causing a high voltage spike or transient to flow around the circuit possibly damaging the switching device. Previously, the operating speed of the semiconductor switching device, either transistor, MOSFET SMD Switching Diode. CDSFR4148. (RoHS Device). High Speed. SMD Diodes Specialist. Features. Designed for mounting on small surface.REV:B Page 2. SMD Switching Diode. Reel Taping Specification. Description: The NTE631 is a highspeed switching diode fabricated in planar technology and encapsulated in a very small rectangular ceramic SMD package. Features: D Small Ceramic SMD Package D High Switching Speed. TH97/10561QM 1SS133 TW00/17276EM IATF 0060636 SGS TH07/1033 HIGH SPEED SWITCHING DIODE DO - 34 Glass FEATURES : High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage:max. BAV99 High-speed double diode. Product specication Supersedes data of 1996 Sep 17.BAV99. FEATURES. Small plastic SMD package High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage zApplication High speed switching. zFeatures 1) Ultra small.Downloaded from Elcodis.com electronic components distributor. Diodes. High Speed Switching Diodes. P b Lead(Pb)-Free. High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage: max. 75 V Repetitive peak forward current: max. 500 mA. Smal plastic package suitable for surface mounted design High Speed (Trr 1.2 ns Typ.) High reliability with high surge current handling capability Pb / RoHS Free. Silicon epitaxial high speed switching diode. High-speed switching diode.Glass silicon switching diodes . We declare that the material of product. compliance with RoHS requirements. Small Signal Switching Diode, Dual in Series. Fast switching speed. High conductance. Surface mount package ideally suited for automatic insertion. Quality High Speed Switching Diode manufacturers - buy from China Rectifier Diode factory exporter.Large Original stock of IC Electronics Components, Transistors, Diodes etc. High Quality, Reasonable Price, Fast Delivery. Fast switching diode. Features. Fast Switching Speed High Reliability High Conductance For General Purpose Switching Applications. Привет. речь идёт об 1N4148 диоде.

Что такое диод я понимаю но что значит (FAST SWITCHING DIODE)-БЫСТРЫЙ ДИОД ПЕРЕКЛЮЧЕНИЯ. Пожалуйста объясните мне плиииииииз. High-speed switching diode. Features. 1. Small surface mounting type 2. High reliability 3. High speed (trr4 ns). Applications. Extreme fast switches . Featuring four nanosecond switching speeds and maximum continuous voltages of seventy-five or one hundred volts, our high-speed switching diodes are hermetically sealed in leaded glass — SOD27 (DO-35). Small Signal Product. High Speed SMD Switching Diode.solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 guaranteed - High temperature soldering guaranteed : 260C/10s - Polarity: Indicated by cathode band - Weight: 10 0.5 mg - Marking Code: T4. BAS216. Описание. High-speed Switching Diode. Функционал. Переключающие диоды. The CPD93V-CMPD4150 is a 0.25 Amp, 50 Volt silicon high speed switching diode ideal for all types of commercial, industrial, entertainment, and computer applications. Anode. Backside cathode. 1N4148 (LL4148) fast switching diode. Features: Fast Switching Speed Glass Package Version for High Reliability High Conductance Available in Both Through-Hole and Surface Mount Versions This is a Pb The total capacitive charge (Qc) is small, reducing switching loss, enabling high-speed switching operation. In addition, unlike Si-based fast recovery diodes where the trr increases along with temperature, SiC devicces maintain constant characteristics, resulting in better performance. Philips Semiconductors. High-speed switching diode. Product specication. BAS216. FEATURES. Small ceramic SMD package High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage BAS16H - High-speed switching diode in SOD123F package.BAS16VV - Triple high-speed switching diodes. General Purpose Diodes for rectifing, switching and clamping.myInfineon. Home > Products > Transistor Diode > Diode > General Purpose High Speed Switching Diode. Diodes. High-Speed Switching Diode. 1SS400. 1SS400. Applications High speed switching. High-speed switching diode. Features. 1. High reliability 2. High speed (trr 4 ns). Applications. Extreme fast switches. Construction. Silicon epitaxial planar. Datasheet MCL4448 электронного компонента производителя Weitron

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